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                Scientific research strengthλãҳ

                DaZhong motor in 1996 in the same industry in the first through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 1999 with animal bones; In 2008 through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Occupational health and safety management system certification; Has passed the "CCC", "CE", "BV", "CCS", "CSA" and so on the authentication.
                DaZhong  motor adhere to the management innovation, improve the modern management level, production rate, successive incremental sales; The state economic and trade commission identified as "mechanical and electrical products export base"; Is the national science and technology department named "national micro &special motor industry base".
                DaZhong  motor adhere to scientific and technological innovation, the development of new product was named provincial, national high and new technology products, torch plan project, at the same time the enterprise was awarded "the jiangsu province high and new technology enter